Squashport's philosophy

Squashport and GFA share a common goal to engage students as partners in an innovative and globally-minded community to prepare them for a life of purpose. We will teach our students how to play with integrity, learning how to build relationships based on empathy, ensuring a positive, lifelong experience.


Our coaches give players the opportunity to have fun while developing key motor skills, encourage socialization and work on game strategy. We have exceptional experience coaching players all over the world, levels ranging from beginner to national champions. We focus on building confidence in students and create opportunity for both recreational and a competitive experience.



For more information, the following resources might be of help:
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Squash is one of the fastest growing racquet sports in the country. The strong interest in the game, amongst children and adults alike, is driven by several factors.


  • Squash is an ageless sport that can be enjoyed at any skill and age level
  • It is a year round sport played indoors
  • The clever, fast paced, technical and tactical game is being played at most of the top colleges in the U.S. and being recognized as one of the top 3 extracurricular sport for college entrance.
  • Squash is popular at the middle and high school level; the U.S. High School Squash National Tournament is the largest of all squash events in the world, hosting nearly 2000 competitors from across the country